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Choose Natural Cork Closures And Preserve The Environment

Do you know how many little things litter the planet in such great amounts that it’s unbelievable? Just look around you and see how many plastic ingredients are there. Wouldn’t it be great if we can switch all of them with something more suitable?

The companies producing all kinds of beverages and products of different kinds use plastic because it’s the most affordable ingredient. However, this is against all logic in a time of great pollution and a time when the planet is drowning in garbage.

We need to do our best in every segment in life to preserve the environment and make it a better place to live. Click here to learn about how endangered our planet is at this moment and why it’s important every one of us to do as more as possible.

Why choosing natural corks is a great idea?

Did you know that wine stoppers can be made from plastic and natural ingredients? Yes, some products use screw caps that are made of plastic which is very convenient and also very affordable for the manufacturers. The other option, the wooden corks need a little more effort to be made and this makes the production of plastic caps an easier job.

However, the production of wooden stoppers is completely natural. With over 250 million hectoliters of wine produced every year, the industry needs a lot of stoppers. That’s a lot of glass bottles that need some way of sealing them.

Unlike the screws, the corks are made from wood. To be exact, a special type of oak whose bark is used for the creation of them. There are around 2,2 million hectares of these trees planted all around the world and they are responsible for the entire production.

The bark is taken off them and then the material goes for further work. After a while, the trees make new bark and the process can begin all over again. That’s how no one is harmed and the planet stays clean while people enjoy some excellent alcohol beverage.

Corks are better for the wine taste

Another reason why natural cork closures are better is that they can offer a much better taste and enjoyment of the wine. All of the drink is kept in wooden barrels until they age enough to be ready for sale. After that, they are placed into glass bottles and sealed with a stopper.

The stopper can be either plastic or natural. The natural one is better because it allows the wine to breathe while it’s still sealed. This helps the fermentation to be done perfectly even though the liquid is transferred from the barrels into bottles. The plastic caps will prevent this because the potion is sealed inside without any chance to do the necessary.

On top of this, the wooden option allows the users to feel a complete enjoyment from the opening of the bottle. There’s a certain magic when a waiter or the gentleman open the cork and it produces that special sound that makes everyone fall in love with the wine. And much more.

An important note in tasting almost everything in this world is not just how things are prepared, but also how they are served. Research has shown that people love it a lot more when something is presented in a beautiful way. They enjoy the beverage more if it is decorated or presented in a better way. So, the wine can be made perfectly, but if it’s served in a water glass, the person won’t enjoy it as much. A lousy wine in a perfect glass and a beautiful bottle will leave a better impression.


All these things should be enough to convince you to purchase wooden corks instead of impersonating plastic bottle stoppers that are both polluting the environment and look cheap. See an article about the difference between the two here:

Every one of us can contribute to saving the planet with these little acts of attention. It may not be too much compared to the big factories producing enormous pollution, but it’s still something that every one of us can do and help in preserving the environment as we still know it.…